I get to be everyone’s white knight

Technology Superhero

Or my personal favorite wizard

All funny pictures aside, being in the information technology field is a perfect fit for me. When people ask for help I get to take personal satisfaction in helping them. Very few times do I have to send the task to another tech. Sometimes this turns into a mini-adventure to learn how to fix the problem. Plus, my end users have a name and face to the person helping. The past four years of my job have been an amazing experience.

As an added bonus no day is the same as the previous. One day I will be building a new SQL database, setting up a new lab, or resetting a password while the next I might be helping with student certifications. The job scope of “tech support” is so broad and I love it.

For anyone wondering if this industry is for you, all I have to say is learn to listen. We need to always remember to be customer orientated. It does not matter if you have a masters degree or make 300K a year, your job requires you to think of others. If you do not remember that you might have forgotten why you are where you are.

TLDR: Information Technology allows you to help others. Pretty cool feeling when you get to help people on a daily basis.