macOS Wifi Scanning

Have you ever just wanted to see all the wireless networks around you? Apple provides quite a few tools to help do this out of the box including a really nice command line tool called airport. But what if there was more…

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Introduction If you have ever worked with the PyObjC bridge on the macOS platform you might have noticed that data is often returned as a Objective-C class object (NSArray, NSDictionary, etc.) Thanks to the effort put into PyObjC, python can seamlessly use python type methods with their Objective-C class equivalents. But, what do you do when you are required to use a pure python object? Use case I ran into this issue when using the Boto3 python library for my s3Repo plugin for munki.

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python2 and tls

For your Friday viewing pleasure I present the following cartoon. Credit: Background In case you do not know Apple deprecated the usage of OpenSSL in favor of Common Crypto, back with the release of OS X Lion (10.7) in 2011. On Apple’s latest operating system macOS Sierra (10.12) OpenSSL is currently at version “0.9.8zh” with very little indication that it will get updated. Now this is a specific build that Apple created and it does have a few back-ported fixes however this version doesn’t support TLSv1.

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Slack rsync

With a little push from @groob, I have created a simple python script that runs a rsync command and sends a summary of the run to Slack. Slack was not created to be a storage vault for server logs however it does great for short sms style messages. If you are using a log collection service like logstash you could extend on this script to include the link to your uploaded log or if an error occurs you could automatically create a helpdesk ticket for you to investigate the issue.

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Updated for Logic 10.2.0 - September 18th, 2015 This script has been updated to support Logic Pro 10.2.0. This release included many additional audio libraries for the added Alchemy Plugin. The updated script from Hannes will now download audio content to a “__Downloaded Items” directory and create hard links to Apple’s categories. Today I needed to import 60 packages (37 GB) of audio content for Logic Pro X into my Munki repo.

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