Office 2016 has had a few updates since my last post on the topic however most of these simply don’t apply to me as an admin of the mac platform. Many of these updates have been bug and feature related which is great…I just do not see them as I am not a user. Honestly, since I finished college in December I have not used a Microsoft product on my mac except for Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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Intro Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac had a rough start for sure. With that being said things have gotten better and quite rapidly. This post will focus on where Office 2016 for Mac currently stands, commonly asked questions, best practices, and solutions for updates. This post should serve as a overview of the changes to Office 2016 (O2016) for Mac from about November 2015 to Present (January 14th). Before we can get too far into this post it needs to be noted that none of this would be possible without the hard work and support of the following individuals.

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