Jekyll Pull Requests

Outdated: I am no longer using this process nor is the original author that I was linking to. He has an archive of his post here. Github is awesome. Jekyll is awesome. Travis-ci is awesome. is awesome. And now…you can be awesome as well. Open Source is a fantastic but it is not without its drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks to using a static website like this site is the lack of an easy way to update posts.

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Moving to Plain Jekyll

Moved the blog over from Octopress to a plain Jekyll setup. This allows me to have a bit more control while also removing some of the fluff that was installed by Octopress that I did not use. I am very glad to have found such a great theme created by Michael Rose. I will release another post once I have had a little more time to play around. As of this moment, it is about 10 times faster to generate the website on my laptop.

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