The Hacker’s Browser Plugin A plugin that increases speed and efficiency while browsing the internet? Yes please! I only recently found out about Vimium and wanted to share my thoughts on this plugin. We all spend too much time on the internet. Reading forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, news, youtube,…the list goes on and on. Phil Crosby and Ilya Sukhar created Vimium to speed up the navigation of websites. No longer must you use your mouse to click that link, or trackpad to scroll down.

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Google Classroom

Chromebooks are pretty popular in Education right now due to their low learning curve, low price, and high usability. They are quite good at simple projects and give more students access to the internet. Now Google wants to remove paper… Hopefully Classroom will help you spend a little less time at the photocopier and a little more time doing what you love—teaching. Read more: More Teaching Less Tech-ing

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