AD Account Change

Intro Changing user account logons in a deployed environment can cause some issues. Doing so with OS X clients that are bound to Active Directory can cause even more issues. Below is how I overcame some of the pitfalls of the built-in OS X Active Directory plugin. This article expands on the basic project Readme instructions located here. Note: The above picture is for reference purposes only. All data has been modified.

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Preview files from terminal

QuickLook scans file contents before you open those files. Usually this just lets you view a file quickly. But you can also use this same technology from the command line to bring about a change to the Finder without actually opening a file. To access QuickLook from the command line, use qlmanage. qlmanage -p ~/Desktop/MyTowel42.pdf —Charles Edge I highly recommend adding an alias to your either your .bashrc or .

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On September 24, 2014, a security vulnerability was publicly announced that affects a large percentage of Internet connected devices. This vulnerability, known as Shellshock, affects the Unix command shell Bash. Bash, the bourne again shell, is one of the most common applications on Unix based systems. Many devices running Mac OS X or Linux are affected by this serious exploit. It is important to understand that this vulnerability could allow unauthorized access of your computer.

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I always find myself looking for a good resource when writing if/then statements in bash scripts. It’s hard to remember all the combinations when you simply do not use most of them frequently. Below is my personal cheat sheet…copied here because I was tired of having to look for a good resource. Examples on usage can be found in the original article. integer comparison # The following are for number values only.

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