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Slack Status

MacAdmins is a slack group that is a free resource available to the community. You will find me online as ‘clburlison’ however I tend to avoid the #general channel and participate more in topic channels. After sign up you can visit our slack group in your browser by visiting https://macadmins.slack.com/ or downloading Slack for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

Mac Conferences

(Awesome) Mac Open Source Software 1

  1. AutoDMG
  2. AutoPkg
  3. Munki
  4. MunkiAdmin
  5. Munkireport-php
  6. Munki Web Admin 2
  7. munkipkg
  8. the Luggage
  9. Sal
  10. Reposado


We are lucky enough that Charles Edge is hosting a pretty impressive list of MacAdmin blogs and sites, go check it out: MacAdmin Links

  1. AKA - the stuff I have starred on Github [return]