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Slack Channel

Slack Status

MacAdmins is a slack group that is a free resource available to the community. You will find me online as ‘clburlison’ however I tend to avoid the #general channel and participate more in topic channels. After sign up you can visit our slack group in your browser by visiting or downloading Slack for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.

Mac Conferences

(Awesome) Mac Open Source Software 1

  1. AutoDMG
  2. AutoPkg
  3. Munki
  4. MunkiAdmin
  5. Munkireport-php
  6. Munki Web Admin 2
  7. munkipkg
  8. the Luggage
  9. Sal
  10. Reposado


We are lucky enough that Charles Edge is hosting a pretty impressive list of MacAdmin blogs and sites, go check it out: MacAdmin Links

  1. AKA - the stuff I have starred on Github [return]