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On September 24, 2014, a security vulnerability was publicly announced that affects a large percentage of Internet connected devices. This vulnerability, known as Shellshock, affects the Unix command shell Bash. Bash, the bourne again shell, is one of the most common applications on Unix based systems. Many devices running Mac OS X or Linux are affected by this serious exploit. It is important to understand that this vulnerability could allow unauthorized access of your computer.

Quick Update Firstly, the new semester has started up and my previous goal of one post per month might become a little more difficult to keep up with. For that reason I will be making this post mostly personal opinions and ideas rather than technical writing. It has certainly been a busy start to this school year getting multiple labs ready, updating computers, installing new software, and plenty of other daily tasks that are quite difficult to stay on top of.


The Hacker’s Browser Plugin A plugin that increases speed and efficiency while browsing the internet? Yes please! I only recently found out about Vimium and wanted to share my thoughts on this plugin. We all spend too much time on the internet. Reading forums, blogs, facebook, twitter, news, youtube,…the list goes on and on. Phil Crosby and Ilya Sukhar created Vimium to speed up the navigation of websites. No longer must you use your mouse to click that link, or trackpad to scroll down.

Google Classroom

Chromebooks are pretty popular in Education right now due to their low learning curve, low price, and high usability. They are quite good at simple projects and give more students access to the internet. Now Google wants to remove paper… Hopefully Classroom will help you spend a little less time at the photocopier and a little more time doing what you love—teaching. Read more: More Teaching Less Tech-ing

Moved the blog over from Octopress to a plain Jekyll setup. This allows me to have a bit more control while also removing some of the fluff that was installed by Octopress that I did not use. I am very glad to have found such a great theme created by Michael Rose. I will release another post once I have had a little more time to play around. As of this moment, it is about 10 times faster to generate the website on my laptop.

I always find myself looking for a good resource when writing if/then statements in bash scripts. It’s hard to remember all the combinations when you simply do not use most of them frequently. Below is my personal cheat sheet…copied here because I was tired of having to look for a good resource. Examples on usage can be found in the original article. integer comparison # The following are for number values only.

Encrypted DMGs

Apple has a build in way to create secure encrypted 256-bit AES disk images. This is a guide on creating these disk images, usage, draw backs, and think to remember.