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My name is Clayton Burlison and I am a Macintosh administrator based in Texas, with an interest in Open Source products.

I have been managing Macintosh computers since 2009, and now I am lucky enough to be managing Macs full time. Articles on this site will include information related to osx, munki, and more. The Macintosh community is an amazing resource for users both new and old alike. Hopefully you can find something helpful on this blog…my attempt at giving a little back to the community.

Many articles on this site will have external references. If you feel I have material on this site and did not give credit where due please contact me by email and I will get this fixed.

Please feel free to link to anything I have written here and all of the code can be considered open source unless otherwise stated. (credit is appreciated though not required)

Code license located here.

Personal Life

Besides work, I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. In my free time I enjoy playing video games and if you could not guess it from the site favicon I really enjoy running.

This site

RSS feeds for this site can be found in many locations with the main feed located at clburlison.com/feed.xml. However if you want a “tech” only feed that does not include any personal posts you will want to follow clburlison.com/categories/tech/feed.xml.

If you want to learn more about how this site is created visit site-info.

My list

This is a simple list I use to keep up with my goals. I host it on this site to share and hopefully give others motivation to reach for their goals. It also helps keep me held responsible since everyone in the world can see. To see my current list click here.

Site Comments

Feel free to use comments as a way for feedback, corrections, further discussion, etc. It is silly to put this in writing but be respectful and that should cover all the bases. I reserve the final say on all comments.

Disclaimer: The opinions on this site are my own, and are not necessarily shared by my employer or clients.