For the July Dallas Apple Meetup I did a talk on macOS preferences and profiles. My slide deck, scripts, and reference links to all the tools I used in the talk can be found below:

CFPreferences one liner

One liner for checking preference value via python CFPreferences

/usr/bin/python -c "from Foundation import CFPreferencesCopyAppValue; print CFPreferencesCopyAppValue('HowToCheck', '')"

Scripts from the talk

All scripts can be viewed/downloaded from the following gist: scripts

Running the Go sample

For anyone wanting to play with the go example:

  1. Download go brew install go or
  2. Copy the main.go file from the gist above
  3. Compile the file with go build main.go
  4. Run the go binary with ./main

MAU ProfileCreator manifest

During the talk we mentioned a manifest for Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU). The pull request with the contents of that manifest can be found: ProfileManifests #3